Channel 4 set to bring Shipwrecked back (again) for 2011?

Channel 4

Two years after it was axed for a second time, Channel 4 is reportedly set to have another go at making their reality show Shipwrecked a success. The 'Big Brother on a desert island' telly show, which sees contestants left to slog it alone on islands in the middle of the ocean, could return as soon as the summer.

The series originally started way back in 2000, with 16 contestants dumped on the Cook Islands in the pacific. Only seven remained 68 days later (don't worry, they others had left, not died!) but unfortunately for them there was no prize! This format continued until the end of 2002 when it was eventually axed.


In 2006 however the show was brought back with a twist, now called 'Shipwrecked: Battle of the Islands'. The contestants were split into two teams on two different islands and each week new contestants would spend a few days with both teams, before deciding to join one island. Contestants were also allowed to nominate themselves to switch islands at the weekly beach meetings.

The show was now completely difference, with the team with the most members at the end of the 5 month stay winning a prize jackpot of £100,000 split between them! In the final series to air in 2009, there was another twist which saw just one member from the winning team take home all the money!

Two years on and with Big Brother axed by them, Channel 4 is set on brining Shipwrecked back for a third time. "In these miserable economic times it’s important people can watch young hot-bodied wannabes stripped half-naked on a beach in the sun," a source told The Sun. “Obviously people will still be voted off if they annoy people.

“But we’re glad it’s coming back as you don’t get many good-looking people on Britain’s Got Talent.”

It is understood the new format will be a mix of the two previous ones, with a single island but keeping the game show aspects of later series'.

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