The Island with Bear Grylls concludes this SUNDAY night on Channel 4

The Island with Bear Grylls 2017 concludes this SUNDAY night on Channel 4.

This year's series has been a bit all over the place in the schedules, originally starting on Sunday last month before moving to Mondays.


The show will head back to Sunday night this weekend (May 14) for the final two episodes in the series.

The first will air at 9PM and see the remaining contestants face their last week on the island.

Right now 14 of the original 16 strong cast remain, with the group pulling through a major storm in Monday's latest episode.

"It was a tropical storm cyclone, which is just under a hurricane. It was full-on: you can’t shout to each other, you can’t stand up. You’re being blasted by 90mph wind and torrential rain," Bear said. “That’s bad enough for half an hour but you try going through that for several days.

"It really took people to the edge."

But can they make it to the end? In the final episode, after five weeks on the island, the group have collectively lost almost 30 stone and are increasingly beleaguered as they enter their last days as castaways.

Straight after the final episode from the island itself is spin-off show Surviving The Island at 10PM on Channel 4.


The show will see Bear recap the series and return to meet the castaways to find out first-hand what they went through - was it the wisdom of age or the energy of youth that proved most valuable?

The Island with Bear Grylls concludes Sunday night on Channel 4.

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