The Island 2017: Bear Grylls' team forced to step in and save contestants

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Bear Grylls' team stepped in to save The Island 2017 contestants in last night's show.

It was week four of the survival show with 14 of the original 16 Islanders left.


And the episode saw a first for The Island as the remaining contestants faced the most brutal storm seen on the show and asked to leave the island.

"It was a tropical storm cyclone, which is just under a hurricane. It was full-on: you can’t shout to each other, you can’t stand up. You’re being blasted by 90mph wind and torrential rain," Bear explained. “That’s bad enough for half an hour but you try going through that for several days.


"It really took people to the edge."

In last night's show, cameraman Richie Carr is seen radioing Bear's team: “This is unsustainable. We can’t sleep in this. It’s dangerous. The group are requesting an exit from the island en masse.”

However the choppy waters meant it was impossible for boats to get to the group, leaving them with no choice but to tough it out.


The group struggled to make it through the night but were eventually provided with help from Bear's team once the storm had passed.

Survival experts joined the contestants on the island to assess the situation, providing the group with emergency food rations, a medical check up and back up filming equipment.


A debate raged among the group on whether or not to quit but after the relief from show bosses, they decided to stick it out


A spokesperson for Channel 4 explained: "It was clear in the programme that the weather was extreme. These were exceptional circumstances and as is shown in the episode, the intervention allowed was for duty of care to the islanders' health and safety."

The Island with Bear Grylls concludes Sunday night on Channel 4.

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