Made In Chelsea 2017: Frankie Gaff and Tina Stinnes face off again

Made In Chelsea 2017 spoilers and recap

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Frankie Gaff and Tina Stinnes clashed again in tonight's Made In Chelsea 2017.

And this time Olivia Bentley got involved.


Following their showdown last week, Frankie wondered whether she could carry on being friends with Olivia if she is also hanging out with Tina, the girl who Jamie was "inappropriate" with.

"I genuinely do feel like you haven't been there for me," Frankie told Liv in a confrontation.

Frankie and Liv later met up at a Chelsea cricket match (obviously) before Tina joined them.

"You just walked over to our conversation?!" reacted a clearly disgruntled Frankie.

"It's between me and you, it's got nothing to do with her [Liv]," Tina told Frankie.


Frankie commented: "I don't want to be awkward around my own friends."

Tina replied: "They're also my friends as well."

Frankie laughed: "I don't think they are."

Tina told her: "I don't know why we're having a friend-off, it's the most ridiculous thing."

"I think it's about loyalties and I just don't think there are any right now," Frankie continued.

Liv remarked: "I can't disown Tina. What can I do more of to prove to your I am a go friends of yours?"

Tina added: "You're basically saying Liv should uninvite me from things I've been invited to."

Frankie didn't seem to disagree: "I don't want to be around you, I don't like you," before storming off leaving Tina and Liv both flummoxed.


Elsewhere in tonight's latest episode on E4, Binky Felstead and Josh Patterson were all loved up while Julius Cowdrey reeled from Harry Baron's revelation that Ella Willis still has feelings for him.

Made In Chelsea 2017 airs Monday at 9PM on E4.

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