The Island 2017 contestants ask to be evacuated as major storm hits camp

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The Island with Bear Grylls' contestants face a brutal storm in tonight's show.

It's week four of the survival show with 14 of the original 16 Islanders left.


They were dropped off by Bear four weeks ago now, originally starting the process as two separate groups of older and younger contestants.

After meeting up and combining, last week saw a first for the show as rows ended with the group voting to 'evict' someone off the island.


Paul Coates was told he was no longer welcome with nine votes to six for him to leave. He respected the vote and left the island.

This week sees another first for The Island as the remaining contestants face the most brutal storm ever and ask to leave the island.

"It was a tropical storm cyclone, which is just under a hurricane. It was full-on: you can’t shout to each other, you can’t stand up. You’re being blasted by 90mph wind and torrential rain," Bear teased. “That’s bad enough for half an hour but you try going through that for several days.


"It really took people to the edge."

On tonight's episode, cameraman Richie Carr is seen radioing Bear's team: “This is unsustainable. We can’t sleep in this. It’s dangerous. The group are requesting an exit from the island en masse.”

However the choppy waters mean it's impossible for boats to get to the group, leaving them with no choice but to tough it out.


Meanwhile, fresh from their success at getting Paul kicked off the show, Karen and Jane determined to set up their own splinter group and fend for themselves.


It ends up leaving the future of the community hanging in the balance.

The Island with Bear Grylls airs at 9PM tonight on Channel 4.

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