Britain's Got Talent 2017 auditions results: Who got the judges' votes in week four?

Who was buzzed off stage? We recap the latest episode...

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Britain's Got Talent 2017 continued tonight with a singing robot, a troupe of contortionists and an OAP DJ - but which lucky hopefuls made it one step closer to the live shows?

The ITV talent contest has got the country talking, and its latest episode saw Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams witness more auditions in Blackpool.


Nobody pressed the Golden Buzzer this week - but the judges were quick to reach for their red ones, with Simon in particular buzzing many of the acts.

He did, however, approve of a child choir, a dancing couple and a teenage singer with an emotional self-penned track.

Here are all the results of the fourth round of try-outs...

Jay Wynn.
Jay Wynn

The Yesses

Jay Wynn (3 yesses) - The judges couldn't believe their eyes when a 10ft robot came out, but the illusion shattered when it was revealed to be support worker Jay. Simon wasn't impressed by his performance of A-Ha's 'Take On Me' and cut it off, saying: "I don't get this. Robots can't sing." Fortunately for Jay, David, Alesha and Amanda were amused enough to put him on the shortlist.

The Boyz (3 yesses) - Simon also slammed his buzzer when this mixed-age boyband sang a medley of 'Everybody (Backstreet's Back)' and 'We Will Rock You'. "Who doesn't like a bit of cheese?" asked David. Simon raised his hand, comparing them to a reformed band that had been "put in a food mixer". The music mogul may have branded The Boyz "one of the worst things we've had", but they still made it through.

Martin and Faye (4 yesses) - Martin's been singing "since he can remember", and after finding out his 10-year-old daughter Faye shared his talent they tried their luck at BGT. Even their rendition of 'The Prayer' failed to cheer up Mr. Nasty, who questioned whether they should be split up. Thankfully he decided to "make it easy" by keeping them together and they left with yesses across the board.

Perfect Pitch Creation.
Perfect Pitch Creation

Perfect Pitch Creation (4 yesses) - With a bold aim to be the first choir to win BGT, this group of 8 to 14-year-olds auditioned with a Jungle Book medley. "That was so charming," said David, with Amanda adding: "I can tell you all really enjoy what you're doing." They even put a smile on Simon's face - although he noted they need a "step up" going forward.

Grace and Ali (4 yesses) - Grace and Ali struck up a romance after they met studying performing arts at college. Their audition saw them perform a self-choreographed routine that touched the judges and had the audience on their feet. "You are two of the most talented dancers we've seen by a clear mile," said Alesha. "You are absolutely stunning together. I was in awe."

IrShad Shaikh (3 yesses) - Salesman IrShad began with, er, questionable impressions of Sylvester Stallone and the Queen and was quickly buzzed off. However, David gave him another shot - and after getting the judges to hold out their arms during his version of Titanic's 'I Will Always Love You', and lampooning Simon's mate Louis Walsh, he managed to secure three yesses. Unsurprisingly, Simon was the odd one out, calling IrShad "the worst impressionist we've ever had".

Angara Contortion.
Angara Contortion.

Angara Contortion (4 yesses) - This team of four female contortionists came from Russia with the hope of winning the "honour" to perform for the royal family. Their awe-inspiring display culminated with them forming a human tower, while folding themselves in half backwards. "You girls are not human! Unbelievable, that was a visual treat," said Alesha, while Amanda described them as "unworldly".

Harry Gardner (4 yesses) - Essex teenager Harry entered BGT to "share my music with other people and see if they can relate". His original track 'Not Alone' - a tribute to his Nan, who suffers from Alzheimer's disease - certainly resonated with the judges, who welled up at the emotional track. "That really moved me," Amanda said. "I just wish your grandmother could see what you've done today. She'd be so proud of you."

John 'Hoop Guy' Parnell (4 yesses) - John, whose aim is to teach the world to hula hoop, spun his hips to an original song declaring him to be 'The Hoop Guy'. Simon then suggested that Alesha could sing the track for him on the live semi-finals. The duo had buzzed, but after joining John on stage they changed their minds, and he left with four yesses. David jokingly described the display as "highly erotic".

DJ Dizzy Twilight on Britain's Got Talent 2017
DJ Dizzy Twilight

Dizzy Twilight (4 yesses) - 65-year-old Christine, a former nurse and registrar, told of her love of music and said she hoped BGT would help her "learn a lot more in this adventure". However, no-one was quite expecting that adventure to involve her taking to the decks as a DJ! Her set got the entire room up and dancing, and Alesha even offered to be her MC. "It doesn't matter that you can't mix," the former Mis-Teeq star smirked.

The Nos

Maternal Instinct (4 nos) - Mother-daughter singing duo Kim and Bethany instantly achieved their dream of performing for a big crowd in their home town of Blackpool when they took to the BGT stage. That's just as well, as their rendition of 'Something Inside So Strong' was met with criticism. David said it was "hard to imagine" them at the Royal Variety Performance, while Alesha suggested that Beth should branch out in to something more "cool".

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Britain's Got Talent continues Saturday nights on ITV.

The next episode airs Saturday May 13 at 8.00pm on ITV.

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