Britain's Got Talent fixed? Former winner speaks out on the claims

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Britain's Got Talent is once again facing fix claims but now a former winner has hit back.

Just three weeks into the new series, the ITV series has been plagued with accusations ranging from 'fake' acts to stolen routines.


Last week some viewers suggested that Sian Pattison was already an 'accomplished musician' as she nervously took to the stage.

But Richard Hadfield - who won the show in 2014 as part of Collabro - said: "Everyone is giving a bit of grief over it's fake and everything but as a singer or actor, you will have done some gigs before but it is never necessarily at a professional level."

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He told the Daily Star newspaper: "For people to be saying they're lying about it, I just think it is ridiculous.

"That show completely changes lives."

Sian this week hit back after being accused of 'faking' her nerves on the show.


Nervous 31-year-old Sian had told the judges how reluctant she was to appear on the talent contest last weekend.

"If I'm honest, I just get really scared, it scares me a bit," she explained. "I didn't put myself here, my daughter actually applied on my behalf."

However Sian found herself the focus of newspaper headlines amid claims she had been a 'professional performer' for over a decade.

"The @BGT con continues…Sian Pattison is an accomplished singer! Why dupe the public to think otherwise??” one viewer tweeted.

Speaking to her local newspaper, Sian hit back: "I feel like I am being battered and bruised in all directions. It’s put a massive dampener on what should have been a positive experience. Britain’s Got Talent were aware I had sung before and I have been honest and open about it."

She explained to the Coventry Telegraph: “I have always had the stage fright. I would have loved to have gone to stage school but the thought of putting myself out there to be judged by someone with influence, I just couldn’t do it.

Britain's Got Talent 2017 - Sian Pattison

“I have had that my whole life, I have watched so many people around me go on to do great things but I’ve never had the confidence to do it."


Sian concluded: "As for my fake nerves I challenge anyone to stand on that stage and not be nervous."

Britain's Got Talent continues Saturday nights on ITV.

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