Geordie Shore: Scotty T finally returns to the show tonight

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Scotty T makes his return to Geordie Shore tonight.

The former Celebrity Big Brother has been missing for the past seven weeks of the new series but he's NOT been axed.


Far from it, Scotty will be making a triumphant return to the Geordie Shore household in tonight's episode.

Explaining his absence, Scotty told DigitalSpy last week: "The truth is I missed the end of the last series in Ayia Napa because I hurt my hand after punching a wall.

"I had to go to the hospital and it was put in a cast. It's off now but there's a huge lump on my hand."

There had been rumours that Scotty T was facing the chop from the show over his behaviour but he laughed off the claims.

He told the website: "Do you know what it is? There is nobody else in the world like us. They've been trying to replace us for years but they never will.

"They can try but they will never find someone like me. You know why? Because I am the only true radgie. I am the number one radgie!"

Ahead of his return tonight to a rather new look cast, Scotty admitted he missed the likes of Charlotte Corsby and Holly Hagan.


"There are too many new people!" he added, before quipping: "But I don't give a f**k who stays and who goes. As long as there are girls for me."

Geordie Shore airs tonight at 10PM on MTV.

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