Britain Got Talent's Josephine Lee reveals all on her trick and 'secret twin'

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Britain's Got Talent magician Josephine Lee has spoken out about her disappearing magic trick.

Some fans of the show are convinced she's hiding a secret twin as part of her act, which wowed the judges at the weekend.


Former magician's assistant Josephine took centre stage on BGT on Saturday night, entering the show in a bid to represent women in the magic industry.

"This is a magic act that was created entirely for Britain's Got Talent, no one's ever done anything like this," she said before the audition.

Josephine added: "It would be such an amazing thing for woman in magic to have a female magician win Britain's Got Talent, you gotta have faith. "

On stage, Josephine's trick began with mysterious levitating balls and ended with a unique disappearing illusion that saw her apparently teleport across the stage.

Getting four yeses from the judges, Josephine sailed through to the next round as viewers were left theorising how it was done.


Many suggested Josephine had a secret twin but she insisted to DigitalSpy: "No, I don't have a twin! If I did, my life would be a lot easier. I've just got a brother, who is 22."

She quipped: "I think I would struggle to have used him as he looks like a rugby player!"

And chatting to The Sun, Josephine added: "There is no one yet to figure it out.

“I’ve found it really amusing. I’ve been on social media looking at the theories because I love it. No-one has guessed, not yet.”

Meanwhile, Josephine spoke of potential plans to use on of the judges in her next trick.


"David wouldn’t listen to anything would he? He’s like a live wire. I’d be nervous to use any of the judges really. They are better off in their seats, away from you," she suggested. "I do have something in mind but you’ll have to wait and see to find out if I’ll use a judge or not."

Britain's Got Talent 2017 is back Saturday night at 8PM on ITV with More Talent straight after on ITV2.

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