Britain's Got Talent contestant Sian Pattison accused of 'faking nerves'

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Britain's Got Talent 2017 singer Sian Pattison was a bag of nerves on Britain's Got Talent at the weekend.

As she took to the stage, the 31-year-old told the judges how reluctant she was to appear on the ITV talent contest.


"If I'm honest, I just get really scared, it scares me a bit," she explained. "I didn't put myself here, my daughter actually applied on my behalf."

Sian started her audition singing Ave Maria before her anxiety soon took another hit when Simon held his hand up to halt the song.

The music mogul asked her to sing her back-up track, 'With You' from the musical Ghost - but she ended up stopping again after flubbing the opening line.

Fortunately, Sian's third attempt went to plan - and she welled up in tears at the end when she received a standing ovation.

Simon praised her for working through her nerves, saying: "Congratulations on what you just did. "Why I really liked that second song is that you weren't prepared for it. You were so much more relaxed."


Despite the apparent nerves, Sian won four yeses from the judges and is through to the next round.

However some fans of the show have now accused Sian of 'faking' her nerves amid claims she's already an 'accomplished musician'.

The Daily Mirror newspaper reports that Sian studied at the London College of Music and has spent 15 years performing across the country, including as part of an ABBA tribute group.

"The @BGT con continues…Sian Pattison is an accomplished singer! Why dupe the public to think otherwise??” one viewer tweeted.

However a pal of Sian's insisted there was no 'fakery' going on.

"Sian has always suffered badly with nerves," they explained. "She has worked really hard over the years to build her confidence through training and doing small scale local performances but nothing prepared her for her audition for BGT - it was the biggest audience she had ever played to by far.

"She was also really nervous about the feedback she'd get from the judges and was terrified of getting buzzed."

Britain's Got Talent 2017 - Sian Pattison

A spokesperson for the show added: "Anyone can apply for BGT irrespective of their past experience and all contestants are auditioned on merit.


"Past experience cannot always be featured in the programme due to time constraints."

Britain's Got Talent continues Saturday nights on ITV.

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