Channel 4 promises The Great British Bake Off 2017 will NOT have any product placement

Broadcaster doesn't want branding to alienate BBC viewers

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Channel 4 has pledged NOT to fill The Great British Bake Off with product placement - so that BBC viewers won't be put off by its new series.

Filming for the baking contest's first series for C4 is now thought to be underway.


With the famous tent full of kitchen equipment and ingredients, fans had expected there would be all sorts of branding deals on the commercial channel.

However, it turns out there actually WON'T be any product placement on Bake Off - at least this year.

A C4 spokesperson recently told the Mirror: "We are not selling product placement for Bake Off in 2017.

"The feeling is that is important to the overall look and feel of the show. We want to maintain editorial standards.

"It will look exactly the same on Channel 4 as it did on the BBC."

Although the statement is good news for viewers, it does suggest the show could eventually feature product placement once it has settled in at its new home.


C4 previously reassured fans that it will not change the gentle format that made Bake Off a ratings hit.

Bosses are extending the length of episodes to 75 minutes, so they can insert ad breaks without cutting content.

It was also announced earlier this month that spin-off An Extra Slice will be back, with Jo Brand remaining its host.

While the new Bake Off may be product placement-free, it is still expected to be a money-spinner for C4.

The Mirror claims the network is seeking a two-year sponsorship deal that could be worth as much as £8million.


It reportedly paid £75million to acquire the format rights from maker Love Productions for three years.

Bake Off is due to return to our screens in the Autumn.

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