Britain's Got Talent sees giant sausage catching dog Hagrid

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Giant sausage catching dog Hagrid went before the Britain's Got Talent judges this weekend.

In an unseen audition cut from the main show, couple Sarah and David introduced the panel to Hagrid The Leonberger


Speaking before the audition, Sarah told DigitalSpy: "Hagrid's a proper dog [unlike Simon's terriers]!"

David added: "Simon has the most weight behind what he says and Simon loves dogs – so we hope he is impressed. Hagrid looks impressive but it's when you're close up is when you really appreciate him. He's so chilled out.

"He's the centre of attention wherever you go. Even if there's other Leonbergers around, he's always the one to get the attention."

For the audition, Sarah and David revealed that Hagrid would be attempting to set a new record for the fastest time to catch 10 items by a dog.

David Walliams said: "I love that You've devoted your life to something so worthwhile."

Hagrid got four yeses from the judges but Simon Cowell said he expected a lot more if the act made the live shows.

"Let's come up with something really incredible, no more sausages," Simon said.

Other acts on this weekend's show included 'The Queen' and budding balloon breaking record holder Ryan Tracey.


We also met the London School of Bollywood, singer Sian Pattison, magician Josephine Lee, wacky drag act Sanita Laviva and girl group The Miss Treats.

Britain's Got Talent 2017 is back Saturday night at 8PM on ITV with More Talent straight after on ITV2.

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