Britain's Got Talent: Ryan Tracey breaks world record - as David Walliams clashes with adjudicator

Judge unimpressed with Guinness official Vicky's balloon modelling rules

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Ryan Tracey successfully broke a Guinness World Record for speed balloon modelling on Britain's Got Talent 2017 tonight - as David Walliams had a tiff with adjudicator Vicky.

Ryan explained to the judges that he'd be attempting the fastest time to model five balloon sculptures while blindfolded.


Australian Jeremy Reading had set the previous record, achieving a time of 63.6 seconds.

Ryan invited official Guinness World Records adjudicator Vicky out on stage, and she revealed there was some strict conditions to be met.

The Irishman had to make a dog, sword, flower, snail and caterpillar to pre-approved designs, otherwise he'd be disqualified.

Unimpressed by the rules, David Walliams smirked: "She's a barrel of laughs."

As Vicky reeled off more instructions, Simon Cowell added: "She's loving it."


Ryan only had one model completed within his first 30 seconds, leaving the judges concerned.

Shaking his head, Simon sighed: "He's not gonna do it."

Meanwhile, hosts Ant and Dec offered encouragement from the side of the stage - while waving around balloon models of themselves.

Soon it appeared that Ryan had completed his work in the nick of time, and the audience leapt to their feet in applause.

However, the celebrations came to an abrupt halt when Vicky went over to inspect his work.

David urged: "Okay, let's not be too picky about this."

"This is a world record, we do have to check," insisted Vicky.

Eventually she confirmed that "the balloons are correct and it was a valid attempt".

Ryan's time was just over one minute and one second - meaning he narrowly managed to claim the record.

Ant and Dec presented him with a certificate, while David apologised to Vicky: "I'm sorry that I made that comment, I take that back."

She replied: "That's quite alright. We have to check or it's not official."


Ryan left with four yesses from the panel, so he could get the chance to break another record on the live shows.

Britain's Got Talent continues next Saturday night on ITV.

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