Britain's Got Talent 2017: Comedian Daliso Chaponda gets Amanda Holden's Golden Buzzer

Stand-up's hilarious gags sent him straight through to the live shows

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Amanda Holden gave comedian Daliso Chaponda the third Golden Buzzer of Britain's Got Talent 2017 tonight, after his jokes about single life and the credit crunch left her in stitches.

Daliso's cheery persona had the judges and audience on his side as soon as he arrived on stage.


And the laughs started when he explained how his parents reacted to him pursuing his current career as a comedy writer.

"They were absolutely horrified because I was studying computer programming," he said. "I had a future, and I just decided no, let me be a clown!"

The 37-year-old began his stand-up routine proper by explaining how he copes with being single.

"I get home, I'm like, 'What time do I call this? Why don't I ever do the dishes? Sometimes I don't think I appreciate myself!'" he quipped.

He then revealed how he was tempted during his past life as a house cleaner. "The bible says, 'Thou shalt not steal'," he continued. "But nowhere does it say, 'Thou shalt not swap'!


"I took a stereo and left a Walkman! Took a plasma screen, left an Etch-a-Sketch!"

However, Malawi native Daliso saved the best for last, poking fun at the credit crunch of 2008.

"If that's a crisis, where is UNICEF?" he joked. "Where is Bono? I have not seen one 'Save the UK' concert!

"It will be a financial crisis when there are ads on television saying, 'This chav has to walk five miles a day to get a bottle of WKD Blue'!

"And 100% you have got a financial crisis when India starts opening call centres here!"

Daliso's gags had the room roaring in laughter and earned him a standing ovation.

But the audience went a step further with a chant, urging the judges to: "Hit the gold, hit the gold!"

Amanda obliged, promptly reaching out to press the Golden Buzzer.


"I think you're bloody hilarious," she grinned. "Self-deprecating, funny, relevant, laugh after laugh, it just kept on coming.

"I really want you to win the entire series, I think you could!"

Alesha Dixon said her face was "hurting from laughing", while David Walliams gushed: "You should be a comedy superstar. All the jokes were really original, and you are incredibly likeable."

Britain's Got Talent 2017 - Daliso Chaponda

Therefore, Daliso is now guaranteed a place in the live shows, alongside previous Golden Buzzer recipients Sarah Ikumu and Just Us.


Just two of the coveted spots are now left, with David and hosts Ant and Dec yet to reveal their picks.

Britain's Got Talent continues with another auditions episode next Saturday at 8.00pm on ITV.

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