Made In Chelsea's Toff defends Mimi Bouchard over Olivia Bentley drama

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Georgia 'Toff' Toffolo has defended Mimi Bouchard following the latest Made In Chelsea drama.

It follows Daisy Robins taking aim at new girl Mimi after she go in-between Fredrik Ferrier and Olivia Bentley.


Fredrik and Olivia's relationship was in the balance after last week's confrontation over Fredrik's flirting with new girl Mimi.

Citing a "lack of respect", an unimpressed Olivia told him: "It's embarrassing," before the pair split.


In this week's show Mimi and Liv faced off, as Daisy complained to Star magazine: "Ill always have Liv's back. I don't think it's right to behave the way Mimi did," she said. "I really don't care for her, she's not my cup of tea.

"We'll never be friends. I'd rather not even give her the time of day... she's so irritating."

She added: "With Mimi, it's all 'Me, Me Me." Unfortunately it's not all about her, the homewrecker!"


But now Toff has jumped to Mimi's defence, arguing: "She's honest, unlike some girls. she's not shady and doesn't go behind other girls' backs."

Toff went on: "She's headstrong and very confident, which the other girls find intimidating.

"I think the girls are hypocritical. They had a massive go at Mimi and she hasn't actually done anything wrong. Fred reached out to a mutual friend - that's not Mimi's fault."


And chatting to Star magazine, Toff added: "I don't know why everyone's up in arms about it. If a guy behaves the way friend did, the girl shouldn't get the blame.


"Their relationship obviously wasn't functioning the way it should if he's interested in another girl. I'm glad they've split up. You shouldn't be with a guy if he's going to do that."

Made In Chelsea continues on Monday nights at 9PM on E4.

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