Made in Chelsea's Ollie Locke opens up about his sexuality

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Made In Chelsea's Ollie Locke has said he felt judged when first speaking out about his sexuality.

In 2011 Ollie told his co-stars on the E4 series he was bisexual but has revealed this week he faced "ridicule" for speaking out.


“It was one of the most difficult things because I didn’t know my sexuality, but I wanted to put it on the show. It was a big decision to talk about it,” he told OK! magazine this week.

“Bisexuality wasn’t talked about in the same way six years ago. People didn’t understand it and people didn’t particularly like it, “ Ollie explained.

Last year, Ollie opened up about his sexuality on the show again, declaring he was "a gay man".

“The ridicule I got from not saying I was gay immediately was unreal. It was judged highly. It wasn’t fair,” he told OK! in this week's new issue.

Meanwhile, Ollie has rubbished rumours claiming he's set to quit Made In Chelsea to focus on his gay dating app Chappy.

Ollie told the Daily Mail after tabloid reports of his exit from MiC: "I'm not leaving... it's such a weird thing.

"I DID mention that I'm having to pull back a bit, but that's it."

Ollie went on: "Last week got a bit ridiculous. One publication did a '12 things we're going to miss about Ollie Locke' piece, and it wasn't even the truth.

"I thought 'this is stupid'. I'm not f**king leaving, I never said that!


"And if I am I have certainly never told anyone I was. But I'm not!"

Made In Chelsea airs Monday nights at 9PM on E4.

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