Amanda Holden wants a Britain's Got Talent kids spin-off with children as judges

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Amanda Holden has revealed hopes of a Britain's Got Talent children spin-off.

However it wouldn't just be a case of having kids performing.


Instead, Amanda wants to see a talent show with children as the judges, and suggested her daughter Holly, Simon Cowell's son Eric and Alesha Dixon's daughter Azura could be on the panel.

She said: “I think kids judging kids would be good. Eric, Holly and Azura could do it!

“Wouldn’t it be hysterical.”

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, Amanda added: “I wouldn’t pitch it to Simon. He’d take it for himself and pretend he came up with it.”

While it may not have children behind the judges desk - even if at times they do act like 5-year-olds - Britain's Got Talent this year has seen a flood of young contestants.

Amanda explained: “Half the Golden Buzzers are kids. It’s an absolutely incredible thing.

“There is so much amazing young talent in this country. Every year people ask us if we’re running out of talent and I’m like no, because they’re all 12 and they’re all up and coming. It’s incredible!”

Alesha agreed: “There are a lot of 14, 15 year old kids. One day the teens were better than the adults.“They are fearless. You ask them if they’re nervous and they’re like, ‘no!’


“I think when you get older you become more aware, you think the teens would be nervous but they aren’t and it’s so refreshing.”

Britain's Got Talent continues Saturday nights on ITV.

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