Amanda Holden wants Britain's Got Talent to get a trap door twist

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Britain's Got Talent 2017 judge Amanda Holden has called on the show to add a trap door twist.

As if being buzzed off during your audition wasn't bad enough, Amanda wants there to be an extra surprise for those truly awful acts.


"If an act was really bad, I’d love it if we could press a button and a trap door would open up beneath them and they’d fall through!" Amanda suggested. "A bit like that
big red chair on The Graham Norton Show."

She joked to the Daily Star on Sunday newspaper: "There should be a vote on it and if it’s overwhelmingly bad we should be able to send them down the hole.

"I think health and safety might have something to say about that, though!"

And on the topic of health and safety, Amanda revealed that there hadn't been as many dangerous acts during this year's auditions as in past years.

Quizzed about shocking moments from the latest round of filming, Amanda shared: "Nothing as bad as that time where Simon was in the firing line of a load of knives.

"There have been moments where people have gone wrong, and moments where Simon’s held his hand up and stopped something I think is fantastic.


"For me, that’s always a massive shock. Nothing life-threatening this year, though, thank goodness."

Britain's Got Talent 2017 continues Saturday nights on ITV.

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