Is this how Britain's Got Talent mind readers DNA did their trick?!

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Mind reading duo DNA blew away the judges on Britain’s Got Talent 2017 this year.

DNA are made up of 43-year-old Andrew from London and 29-yer-old Darren from Essex.


They are a double act of mind readers and were hoping for yeses from the BGT judges in the first audition show of the series.

They performed a number of tricks in front of the audience and panel, apparently reading the minds of Amanda Holden and Simon Cowell.

"We're all really spooked out," remarked David Walliams.

"You did actually read minds and I don't know how you do that... it's creepy but good," Simon Cowell added.

Before their audition, the pair claimed: "We are mind readers, we can steal people's thoughts in seconds, there's no one else in the world doing it. We're the only act in the world doing what we do, so we're the best at what we do."


Following the audition, viewers have been speculating over just how they did it, and the theories involve all sorts of ideas.

One fan suggested that the duo was actually a trio.

Emma commented on our Facebook page: "I reckon there are three of them. First but asks questions and sees the answers he has a hidden camera which shows someone elsewhere the answer and then they in turn talk into a device hidden in the other guys ear who relays the answer."

Ashley put forward a much more low-tech method: "I think they have some sort or morse code devices. Everytime someone was writing something the one watching had his hands together."

Ann however thought the trick was more subtle, writing: "Something in the way the words are presented!! Very clever Tho!!!"

While many doubted they were actually mind reading, there was one thing everyone agreed on: It was a brilliant audition.


And with four yeses, the duo sailed through to the next round and now the live shows.

Britain’s Got Talent 2017 continues weeknights live on ITV from 7:30PM.

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