Britain's Got Talent's Alesha Dixon has a "shemance" with Amanda Holden

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Britain's Got Talent's Alesha Dixon has spoken of her "shemance" with fellow judge Amanda Holden.

The pair are back on the show this year alongside Simon Cowell and David Walliams, the fifth series for the four piece.


And Alesha and Amanda say they've become BFFs during that time.

“It is a shemance," Alesha told The Sun of their relationship. "The boys are only interested in each other so we have to give each other attention. I’m always groping her bum backstage and having a bit of a flirt.”

Amanda added to the newspaper: “Simon and David don’t care really. They are not into women, are they?”

Meanwhile, in a chat with the Daily Star on Sunday, Amanda went on: “Me and Alesha are flirty and complimentary when we’re together. We’re just girly."

“She’s always groping my bum,” Alesha added.

But what does Simon make of their closeness?

"I think he secretly loves the fact that Amanda and I really like each other," Alesha suggested, "He likes that on our show it’s one big dysfunctional, happy family.

"The banter is brilliant, if something feels good, it feels good. When we’re all together laughing, cracking jokes and winding each other up, that’s what makes going to work fun.

"If Amanda and I didn’t have the relationship that we have then it would be a different dynamic, it would be a different show and I might not still be sitting here five or six years later.


"I think that’s the secret ingredient, we all like each other and have fun, that’s what makes it special."

Britain's Got Talent airs Saturday nights on ITV.

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