Michael Barrymore stirs up trouble on latest series of ''Celebrity Coach Trip''

Michael Barrymore has got into trouble whilst filming the second series of Celebrity Coach Trip. The former Strike It Rich presenter who had his career destroyed after a man died at his house in 2001 got into bother after he squared up to a French waiter calling him a ''c***'' and threatening violence towards him.

The TV personality also got into a whole host of arguments with fellow celebrities on the reality television programme including Alex Best, Lizzie Cundy and Lembit Opik. The show sees 7 pairs of famous people travel around Europe and other continents on a coach led by the marvellous Brendan Sheerin seeing all the sights and cities to be had with one couple recieving a yellow card every night, a second yellow card will elad to the couple being chucked off the coach to be replaced by another couple.

A source for the highly popular reality television series which will air two three-week celebrity series over summer told The Mirror: ''He was necking wine and becoming louder and louder. When a waiter looked at him, Michael lost it and started shouting and swearing, calling the poor chap a 'c***'. Glasses got smashed. Michael tried to goad him into throwing a punch. It was horrible. Michael is incredibly unpopular.''

Althought it is not known if the incident will air on TV when the series commences during Summer nor whether Michael was disqualified for his actions, previous series have seen producers clamp down hard on acts of violence with Series 4's Bruce and John being red carded for Bruce's threats towards Jayson and Tam so it is likely that Michael will have been punished for what he has done.

Responding to the reports, Barrymore's spokesperson confirmed that they were true but insisted that his actions were triggered by the medication he was recieving after he fell off a horse last week during a group activity. The spokesman said: ''He (Michael) has been unsteady and disorientated. A customer took exception as he moved around the tables, they had an altercation.'' Should the scenes be aired, it's looking like ex Celebrity Big Brother housemate Michael may have lost all that was left of his career.

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