Britain's Got Talent 2017 recap: All the audition results from week one

Who made it through to the next round? Who got buzzed by the judges?

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A cheeky comedian, a crazy magician and a remarkable mind-bending duo were among the acts that impressed the judges in the first week of Britain's Got Talent 2017 auditions.

ITV's variety talent contest returned for its eleventh (yes, eleventh) series tonight, with judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams leading the search for an act fit for the Queen.


They can use their red buzzers to end an audition early - or the Golden Buzzer to send a lucky hopeful straight through to the live shows.

As usual, the contestants are competing for a coveted slot at the Royal Variety Performance and a £250,000 cash prize.

Ant and Dec are also back to present the show, opening the first episode with a "campaign promise" to bring the UK the entertainment it deserves.

Ned Woodman.
Ned Woodman

Tonight that entertainment included a powerful teenage singer, a choir that tugged at the heartstrings and, er, dog yoga.

Here's a rundown of who won a place on the live show shortlist, and who was sent packing...

The Yesses

Ned Woodman (4 yesses) - Ned may only be 8 years old, but he immediately caught everyone's attention when he called Amanda a DOG: "Why are people so excited about that talking dog on Britain's Got Talent? Amanda's been on it for years!" She quickly buzzed, but Ned went on to roast the rest of the judges and eventually won them all over. "It was really quite savage!" said David, with Simon adding: "You look nice and sweet, but you're very cheeky, and that's why I like you."


Dan Graham (4 yesses) - Hunky police officer Dan came out on stage in uniform, and even gave David his hat while showing off his dance moves. The 33-year-old said he wanted to show the public "there's a human behind the uniform", but David gave him a pointer: "Don't be afraid to take it off!"

Paws with Soul (4 yesses) - Not a group of singing pooches, but a troupe of human dancers wearing dog and cat masks. The judges couldn't get so much as a woof out of them, but their slick routine won them four yesses. "I think you capture what Britain's Got Talent's all about," praised Alesha.

Paws With Soul.
Paws With Soul

Jess Robinson (4 yesses) - Impressionist Jess's set saw her sing as Shirley Bassey and Britney Spears and challenge Simon to a game of "snog, marry, kill" involving Sharon Osbourne, Katherine Jenkins and his "BFF" Cheryl. "It is so hard to do what you just did," he grinned, while David asked: "What is there not to love about you?"

DNA (4 yesses) - Double act Darren 'n' Andrew brought us something different: a mind reading act they claimed "no-one else in the world" is doing. They identified a contact in Amanda's phone and brought Simon on stage for an astonishing mind game - before puzzling the audience by pointing out that their shirts had changed colour. David remarked that their abilities left the panel "really spooked out".

Missing People Choir (4 yesses) - There wasn't a dry eye in the room when this choir, comprising people with missing family members and workers and supporters of related charities, sang their original song 'I Miss You'. "I thought that was extraordinary," said Amanda. "I'm glad you've all got each other and I'm glad you've turned such a dreadful thing in to something so massively positive."

Mahny and Robbie (3 yesses) - The first (proper) dog act involved trainer Mahny, her pup Robbie and 'doga', or "yoga for you and your dog". We'll probably never know whether Mahny achieved her aim of getting the Queen to try it with her corgis, but she did manage to get Dec, Simon, David and Amanda to bring their dogs on stage for a go. However, Alesha wasn't convinced, commenting: "Whether it's an act or not, I'm not sure."

Mahny and Robbie.
Mahny and Robbie

Niels Harder (4 yesses) - Niels demonstrated the "personality, energy and craziness" he brings to his magic act by performing his tricks while singing Fleur East's 'Sax' and twerking to Beyoncé's 'Crazy In Love'. Dec then pushed a reluctant Ant on stage to experience his "guillotine of death". The hilarious display had Amanda and Alesha cackling, while Simon praised Niels for making the most of his three minutes.

Adam Keeler (4 yesses) - The laughs continued when Adam took to the stage with a bag of props he used to visualise famous song lyrics. Resident comedian David described him as "brilliantly funny".


Sarah Ikumu (Simon's Golden Buzzer) - 16-year-old student Sarah Ikumu won the first Golden Buzzer of the series from Simon and a standing ovation from the audience with her powerful rendition of 'And I Am Telling You'. "It started off really well, I thought this girl's great, then it was like you became possessed halfway through," Simon reviewed. "It was quite incredible. You made it your song." Amanda added: "I'm thrilled you got a Golden Buzzer, it was mindblowing."

The Nos

Jim Fitzpatrick (3 nos) - There was another human-slash-feline in Jim the Dancer, who donned colourful helmets - two of which were awkwardly plugged in to a power cable. He promised four acts, which included a cat and a ship, but the judges cut him off after number three, an alien. David gave him his only yes, calling him "the best papier-mache dance act we've seen tonight".

Strokes of Madness.
Strokes of Madness

Strokes of Madness (4 nos) - Artist twins Sharon and Louise danced to Bonnie Tyler's 'Holding Out For A Hero' while painting an upside-down picture of Simon, but ended up getting buzzed off. Simon wasn't happy with the finished masterpiece, saying the nose was too big. Amanda reckoned it looked more like Gerard Depardieu, and David gave them a no for making Simon look "far too handsome"!

Richard Taylor (4 nos) - Environment officer Richard proclaimed that it was "about time" he showed off his talent to the world, but it seems that the world may not be ready to see it, as the judges quickly turned down his bizarre mouth-popping performance. "I honestly thought you were gonna do something like Nessun Dorma," said a disappointed Simon.

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Britain's Got Talent 2017 continues Saturday nights on ITV.

The next episode is back with more auditions next weekend at 8.00pm on ITV.

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