Pixie Lott insists The Voice UK Kids isn't cruel to children

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Pixie Lott has defended The Voice UK Kids from criticism that it's cruel to children.

The Voice Kids is a brand new search for Britain’s best young vocal talent, open to solo singers between the ages of seven and 14.


However some feel such contestants are too young to cope with the pressures of a reality TV competition in the public eye.

Speaking to Huffington Post's BUILD, The Voice UK Kids coach Pixie defended the show.

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"Because I have been doing this pretty much my whole life, I’ve had exactly the same experiences [as the contestants]." she said. “At their age I was doing loads of auditions for things, and I actually think it’s better for kids.

"If they know that they want to be in this career and this profession long-term, then to have all those knockbacks and rejections that I had from a really young age."

Pixie, who will appear alongside McFly's Danny Jones and coach from the main show, continued: “[Starting from a young age] just set me up so much better for now, because it makes you have a thicker skin.


“Now when [rejections] happen to me - which happens all the time - it’s just water off a duck’s back. I’m literally like, I’ve had this millions of time. Whereas if I was just experiencing it now, I think I would find it really, really tough.”

Host Emma Willis previously said that filming the Kids' version was "emotional" but revealed it was harder for the adults.

"It's really, really emotional, having kids as well, you put yourself in the parents position and imagine it being your kid up there," Emma said ahead of the new series.


She told the Radio Times: "You want a turn for every single one of them.


"I've got to say I was worried how they'd react to not getting a turn but they take it better than the grown ups, they're just incredible. I think we underestimate how robust children are."

The Voice UK Kids will air on ITV this summer.

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