Britain's Got Talent 2017 spoilers! 8 teasers from the new series

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Britain's Got Talent 2017 hits our screens on Saturday and here's a few teasers about what to expect.

From misbehaving dogs to a shocking revelation on the judges' desk, here are eight teasers from BGT's 11th series which starts Saturday, April 15 at 8PM on ITV.


Bring your dog to work day

Dec reveals: "We had a bring-your-dog-to-work day. That day someone was auditioning doing Doggy Yoga. So we all got our dogs up on stage and it didn't go quite to plan.

"My dog didn't want to be there. Ant's dog had a massive wee on stage. One of the yoga dogs wee'ed in David's shoe after he took them off!

"I think bring-your-dog-to-work day is now banned."


Amanda Holden's Biggest Fan

She spills: "I know, I have a fan, it’s shocking! Someone said to him, ‘Who’s your favourite judge?’, so I’m sat there thinking he’ll say Simon or David, then there’s going to be all the, ‘You see, he prefers me. No, he prefers me’.

"But then he said Amanda and I was like, ‘What?!” It was very cute. He had written a whole song about me, so I stood on stage while he sang it.


"I was absolutely thrilled, slightly awkward but thrilling none the less"

David reveals too much

Amanda explains: "This year I think we have seen a little too much of David. He was doing one of his normal lap dances he does to try and entice Simon over to the other side of the desk, and he dropped his trousers.

"That was a mistake because he was right next to me when he was doing this. So I thought, ‘If you’re really going to go there David, let’s get everything off’. So I pulled his pants down!

"He just saved his modesty, but apparently one of the sound guys said he saw a little too much and has been in therapy ever since."

Lots of tears

Alesha admits she's been particularly weepy thanks to some emotional auditions.

She says: "What’s been really lovely this year is we’ve had some quite touching moments. We’ve had some really young contestants with wise heads on their shoulders, writing songs about real situations, real people in their lives and things that have affected them whether that’s dementia or their family members going through certain things.

David's serious golden buzzer choice?!

David's golden buzzers in the past have been so-called novelty acts but he may have taken it more seriously this year.

Ant teases: "David's golden buzzer act this year is someone who had previously auditioned, and David had said at the time, ‘go away and rehearse, as I don't think you're ready.’ "


An 8-year-old comic who took on the judges

8-year-old comic Ned Woodman roasted the judges with his audition.

Ant says: "Ned was really funny. He roasted everyone with both barrel."

BGT Ned Woodman.

Ant and Dec's last minute golden buzzer pick

Ant and Dec waited until the 11th hour before hitting their golden buzzer.

"We wanted something fun that captured our attention. We're so far from the buzzer compared to the judges, so we need to make a pretty quick decision," they say.

"We were waiting and waiting for someone who was funny and really needed that break. Our Golden Buzzer act is great! "

The Missing People Choir

The Missing People Choir are being tipped to win already.

Ant says: "This year the Missing People's choir was very emotional. It was a choir made up of people affected by someone who is missing. It was a hard watch and they played images of the missing people behind them on stage."


Simon adds: "We had something this year called the Missing People Choir, which was very emotional.

"They’ve got a shot at winning, I think. I remember on the day thinking that it was special."

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