The Voice 2017's Mo Adeniran won with 60% of the vote in the final

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Mo Adeniran won The Voice UK 2017 with 60% of the final vote, official voting figures have revealed.

In the final showdown between Mo and runners up Into The Ark, Mo had a commanding 62% of the vote. Mo was confidently leading throughout the weekend, with 50% of the vote in Sunday's vote freeze when Jamie Miller was eliminated.


On Saturday, Mo had 44% of the vote between the final four when Michelle John left in fourth place.

The order of the top four in the final was the same as in the semi-final, although in the quarter final - where neither Mo nor Into The Ark faced the vote - Michelle was close to going home after ranking in the final safe spot.

In the knockouts, the top two singers on each team went through to the quarter final and one singer was ‘saved’ by their coach.

On Team Jennifer, Jamie actually beat Mo to win the vote while Jennifer's save Jack Bruley was the lowest ranked of her team, achieving just 2% of the public vote.

In Team Tom, Into The Ark topped the vote and his pick of Nadine McGhee had fewer votes than Victoria Kerley while on Team Gavin, Truly Ford was saved after finishing 5th out of sixth in the public vote. Will's choice Tanya Lacey was the only save who was the most popular contestant after the safe two.


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The Voice UK returns to ITV next year.

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