The Voice UK stage invader revealed as he hits out at show's security


The identity of The Voice UK's stage crasher has been revealed - along with what was on his sign.

Last night was The Voice UK live final but the show saw an unplanned guest make an appearance.


As host Emma Willis announced the third place act, there was an unwelcome visitor on stage.

The baseball capped stage invader tried to hold up a message on a sheet of paper to cameras but was quickly escorted off stage by security.

"What was that?" reacted The Voice coach

On Twitter, one viewer wrote: "SOMEONE JUST STAGE CRASHED THE VOICE I've never seen security run so fast 😂😂😂😂😂 #TheVoiceUK"

The Sun newspaper now reports that the mystery man was "wannabe rapper Dr. A.C", who had hoped to share his beliefs to viewers watching.


Pictures of the paper he tried and failed to show to cameras read: "Journalists of the big media or middle-age and ancient priests; Stop murdering independent thinking.

"Oppression of ideas is not freedom. Thug-life is not art.

"War is not peace.

"I demand change in the way big media control information based on four ideas.

"Positive thinking. Movement creativity. And fairness."

In a series of tweets sent after he was kicked out of the studio by security, 'Mr A. C.' accused: “The Security of @ITV almost choked me to death for wantin to show a few ideas – Big Media praises security! #TheVoiceUK."


He claimed: “#CreativeismMovement I will report tomorrow to the corrupted @metpoliceuk Because I was choked to death for showing a few ideas #TheVoiceUK.”

And he also added: "The security of the @itv @ #TheVoiceUK held my neck locked for 10m. I was choked to death. Reported it to @metpoliceuk.


"I was holding up IDEAS. I wasn't holding up a GUN. So how comes that the disrespect for TRUTH continues????."

In a statement, ITV said last night: "During the results this evening there was a brief interruption on stage, which was dealt with immediately by security. The show continued as planned.”

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