Ollie Locke reveals he's quitting Made In Chelsea cast (again)

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Ollie Locke has revealed he's quitting the Made In Chelsea cast - again.

The original cast member appeared in the first five series before first leaving in 2013.


He then returned for the LA special in 2015 but has announced plans to leave once again.

In a chat with the Daily Star newspaper, Ollie explained he was now too busy for the show after launching a gay dating app called Chappy.

“I’m just so busy at the moment I don’t have time to film," Ollie said.

He explained that once best pal Binky's baby arrives, he'll disappear.

“I’m basically just there for Binky at the moment, but this will be my last full series," he told the newspaper.

But it may not be the complete last time we'll see Ollie on the show.

“I will keep popping up from time to time though,” he teased.

The news follows Ollie revealing hopes of starting his own family following Binky's baby news.

“I want to have a child in the next couple of years and have even discussed this with a friend of mine who is in her late thirties," he told The Sun newspaper. “She hasn’t found anyone and potentially I might do something with her. It is certainly a discussion I’m having.


“I do have paternal urge, especially seeing my sister and obviously Binky too.

“Everything is all baby related at the moment and you very much get into that mindset.”

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