Nicola McLean struggled with eating disorder on Celebrity Big Brother

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Nicola McLean has revealed she struggled with an eating disorder during Celebrity Big Brother.

The All Star housemate lasted until the final last month where she finished in fifth place.


In a candid confession this week, Nicola admitted she didn't eat for days at a time in the house.

"I hadn't eaten for three days because Angie Best was being an absolute nightmare with food," Nicola claimed.

She told new! magazine this week: "I relapsed in there with my eating disorder, which I'd been doing so well with. So I didn't eat for three days and everything I was drinking I was throwing up. I completely relapsed, I got too drunk."

Nicola says Big Brother offered support and the opportunity to see a psychiatrist face to face during the show.

She added: "I'll never be free of an eating disorder. I'll always be bulimic. The anorexia is cured."

As well as her food feud with Angie, Nicola's time in the house was also spent rowing with Kim Woodburn.

The model recently insisted she had no regrets over their clashes, including her controversial comments to the How Clean Is Your House star about not being a mum.

Nicola's remark caused outrage with many feeling it was a direct swipe at Kim suffering a stillbirth when she was younger.

“I did not know that this woman had had a stillborn baby so do I regret saying it? No. I didn’t say it in malice," Nicola insisted after the show. “Do you think I knew that she had a stillborn baby? Do you think that I’ve read Kim Woodburn’s autobiography? The only book I’ve ever read is one by Katie Price."


Speaking to The Sun newspaper, Nicola continued: “She said for the second time ‘your children won’t be proud of you’ and I said to her ‘the reason why you say those things is because you’re not a mother.’

“Hold on a minute, judge my parenting if my children were watching Big Brother. You think my six and ten year old watch one episode? Of course they f***ing didn’t.”

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