Tattoo Fixers cover up man's unique dedication to 'self love'

E4's Tattoo Fixers have helped to correct a man's inking dedicated to 'self love'.

Alice, Jay and Sketch are currently hard at work fixing more regrettable tatts in the brand new series Tuesday nights at 9PM.

This series the pop-up tattoo parlour received a visit from Miguel who revealed he had a tattoo "dedicated to how much I used to love myself" and told the Tattoo Fixers: "It really needs to go."

Miguel then unveiled his dedication to a certain 'adult' website that had been etched into his arm.


"There was me thinking it was something nice," Paisley reacted while Alice remained in a stunned silence as Miguel talked through his self love routine.

After Alice worked her magic, Miguel's self-love inking was no more and it left him in tears looking in the mirror.

"I don't know why I'm crying, I never cry," he sobbed.

E4's Tattoo Fixers continues Tuesday nights at 9PM.

In the next episode, trendsetter James needs some landscaping done over his stickman, Joanne desperately requires an inking to stop her getting spanked, and Nicole wants her laddish tatt to be given a girly makeover.

Plus, George needs some help before he gets detention, John has a Turkish holiday delight taken care of, and Reece is desperate for a distraction.

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