Life On Mars star John Simm "p****d off" that his kids and wife watch reality telly!

John Simm

Star of Life On Mars John Simm has revealed that his wife and kids watching "s**t" reality television shows makes him "p****d off". The 40-year-old told the Radio Times this week that he couldn't stop son Ryan and daughter Molly from tuning into shows such as Britain's Got Talent and Strictly Come Dancing.

Actress wife Kate Magowan is also a bit of a reality telly addict, which Simm can't seem to understand.


"[Ryan] watches those bloody reality shows with his mum, which I'm not happy about," he told the publication in an interview this week. "The ballroom thing and the pop star talent s*** things. Which I'm a bit p****d off about. But I'm not there."

Let's hope he doesn’t catch them reading our reality tv blog...

Former Doctor Who star Simm recently revealed he regretted his decision to leave hit BBC One Dram a Life on Mars, saying: "Maybe I was hasty. I should have done another.

"If they'd have moved it to London, I'd have done it."

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