The Jump 2018 not yet confirmed despite Vogue Williams 'signing up'

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Channel 4 has NOT yet renewed The Jump for a fifth series in 2018 despite Vogue Williams apparently signing up.

This year's series isn't over yet and but Vogue had claimed she's already signed up to return to the show in 2018 after injury ruled her out this year.


Vogue told The Sun online: “Yes, I’ve already signed up for next series. I can’t wait to try again. Having to pull out injured hasn’t put me off at all. If anything, it’s made me more determined to win next time.”

She added: "Even though I never got to compete officially it was still one of the best experiences of my life. They way I look at it I would be more crazy not to sign up to be honest.”

However sources on The Jump behind the scenes say that talks have yet to take place about a potential fifth series.

The insider added to the Radio Times magazine that producers would “probably be keen to have Vogue” back on the line up if the show did return in 2018, but insisted that no deal had been made yet.

Ratings for The Jump 2018 have been putting in some good numbers for Channel 4 with around 2 million viewers watching overnight each Sunday evening.

The fourth series has also seen a lot less injuries than past runs, making a fifth year even more likely.


However for now, we can only wait and see if Channel 4 decide to renew the programme.

The Jump concludes tomorrow night on Channel 4 with this year's grand final.

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