Advertisements to return to The Voice UK next year and hopes Sir Tom Jones joins him has said that he will be back on The Voice UK on ITV in 2018.

This year's series has yet to start its live finals but Will has already declared his plans to return next year.


Assuming ITV will ask him, of course.

And Will wants Sir Tom Jones to be there too following reports that the Welsh singer may quit after the current series.

“Having Tom back is awesome. It’s true I didn’t want to come back if he wasn’t there," said about signing up for this year's first series on ITV. “Coming to a new network, I don’t think I could have done it. If the panel is whack then the show is going to suffer."

In a chat with the Daily Mirror newspaper, Will raved about Sir Tom who had been on the BBC series for the first four years before being dropped for 2016's fifth series.

Will explained: "I like how Tom centres everyone. He brings people to behave and we don’t have that nowadays. People just want to run amok. There is no chivalry or appreciation for being polite and I like Tom’s generation.

“I want to be like Tom when I get to his age. He is a gentleman. He really appreciates and loves music.”

Meanwhile, Will revealed his plans to improve The Voice UK with the ability for viewers to comment on the performances in the live shows.


“Social media is a two-way conversation. So the networks need to adopt the two-way conversation. It needs to be written into the show," he suggested. “Sports do it with Twitter comments. On news they have a ticker too.”

For now, The Voice UK continues this Saturday and Sunday night live on ITV.

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