The Voice UK's Tanya Lacey opens about her "dark years" of depression

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The Voice UK contestant Tanya Lacey has spoken candidly about her battles with depression.

31 year old Tanya from Bristol's career in music began when she dropped out of college and was in a band for three years. It was whilst in the band that she learnt to write and perform.


Tanya co-wrote a song called 'The Hardest Ever' for The Voice coach, Will.I.Am and following that success Tanya experienced some momentum and buzz around her music, it unfortunately didn't last and escalate as she wanted it to and she hit a place where things started to slow down and stop.

Opening up about her time out from music, Tanya said: "Everything started to unravel- from my relationships to financial struggles.

"I couldn't afford to sustain the recording studio I had set up and I couldn't afford my rent.

"Everything just went to s**t and I had a lot of anxiety and depression that followed. I needed to take myself out of the industry and and just get myself back."

On her decision to audition for The Voice UK, Tanya told OK! magazine: "I just needed to find myself. I had a dark couple of years, rebuilt myself and started teaching and I realised I still had this passion to do it.

"So I thought, why not give the show a go? You are judged on the basis of your voice and there is no distraction - the blind auditions were the most terrifying auditions I've ever done."

In the battles last month, Tanya lost her spot on Team Gavin but was stolen by for the knockouts.


She is one of six acts now left in Will's team and competing for three spots in the live finals alongside Hayley Eccles, Michelle John, Clara Hurtado, Jason Jones and Lia White.

The Voice UK 2017 airs tonight at 8:30PM on ITV with Team Will and returns Sunday night at 7:45PM on ITV with Team Gavin.

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