The Jump 2017 results! Who left? Lydia Bright eliminated as finalists are confirmed

Who left The Jump 2017? Tonight's results

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Tonight's The Jump 2017 results are in and it was Lydia Bright who left the show this evening.

It was the semi-final this weekend as the celebs took part in two events in a bid to make the final.


The first challenge was the Air Jump where celebs took to the slopes on at a time to try and see how high they could fly.

Here are how those results panned out:


Jason Robinson: 8.04 metres
Emma Parker-Bowles: 7.87 metres
Spencer Matthews: 8.25 metres
Lydia Bright: 7.64 metres
Gareth Thomas: 7.97 metres
Kadeena Cox: 7.44 metres
Louis Smith: 9.40 metres
Amy Willerton: 7.87 metres

Therefore, with the two lowest heights, Kadeena and Lydia went straight forward to face elimination in The Jump.

The remaining six celebs then took on the second event, the giant slalom in a series of head to head races. The pairings were determined based on the celebs' training times. Here's how the slalom results worked out...


Spencer Matthews v Gareth Thomas. Winner: Spencer
Amy Willerton v Emma Parker-Bowles. Winner: Amy
Louis Smith v Jason Robinson. Winner: Louis

Therefore Louis, Amy and Spencer went forward to the Giant Slalom semi-final alongside Jason who recorded the fastest losing time, while both Emma and Gareth went into The Jump.

In the Giant Slalom semi-final, Spencer beat Jason while Louis beat Amy, seeing Spencer and Louis straight through to next weekend's series final and Amy and Jason into The Jump.

In the Grand Slalom final, Louis beat Spencer to win his fourth cowbell of the show.

Once the night's events had concluded, the losing celebs faced The Jump to stay in the competition and make next week's final.

The Jump 2017 results


Kadeena: 14.65 metres
Lydia: 12.25 metres*
Emma: 12.25 metres*
Gareth: 14.58 metres
Jason: 15.18 metres
Amy: 13.70 metres

* As Lydia and Emma had the same jump distance, their earlier air jump heights were used to determine who would stay in the competition.


Therefore, Lydia was eliminated while Kadeena, Gareth, Emma, Jason and Amy joined Louis and Spencer in next week's final of The Jump 2017.

The Jump 2017 is back next Sunday night with the final on Channel 4.

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