The Big Family Cooking Showdown: Nadiya Hussain to front BBC's 'Great British Bake Off rival'

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Nadiya Hussain and Zoe Ball will front the BBC's 'Great British Bake Off rival', The Big Family Cooking Showdown.

The new series will launch this year and see renowned chefs chefs Giorgio Locatelli and Rosemary Shrager judge family cooks.


The Beeb describes the show - which is being touted as a replacement to Bake off - as a "major new competitive food show that meets a variety of families from across Britain".

The first series will run for 12 episodes an feature 16 families taking on challenges set by judges Giorgio and Rosemary, both the studio kitchen and home kitchens up and down the country, whittling down the teams of cooks through a series of challenges.

Former Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain said: “Family and food have always gone hand in hand and I’m looking forward to getting to know the recipes and traditions of the different families taking part.

"Having been through a food competition as an amateur cook myself, I know exactly how tough it can get and so I’ll be there for them, alongside Zoe, as the pressure really builds!”

Zoe Ball added: "It’s time to celebrate passionate foodie families all over the country and this series will show us home cooking at its best, even if it’s using old pans and mismatched crockery! We’re meeting 16 very different families over the course of the show and witnessing their team dynamics.

"I'm not the world’s best cook as my kids will vouch but I'm learning so much from these families and from Nadiya! New recipes, top tips & some definite do's and don'ts, I can't wait to share this joyous celebration of family and cooking with everybody"

Giorgio Locatelli commented: “I strongly believe that cooking at home is at the base of healthy family relationships. For Rosemary and I to be given the opportunity to taste people’s family dishes within their home is such an honour. I am looking forward to exploring people’s heritage through the dishes they prepare.”


Rosemary Shrager commented: “It’s wonderful to be meeting families with their own recipes and to be judging good honest family food. I’m hoping to be inspired and surprised by the dishes these families cook at home to put a smile on each other’s faces. We’ll be searching for a household where food is at the heart of their family, with kitchen duties and recipes shared between the generations.”

The Big Family Cooking Showdown will air in Autumn 2017.

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