Celebrity Big Brother's Nicola McLean has no regrets over rows with Kim Woodburn

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Nicola McLean has no regrets over her rows with Kim Woodburn on Celebrity Big Brother 2017.

And that includes her controversial comments to the How Clean Is Your House star about not being a mum.


Nicola's remark caused outrage with many feeling it was a direct swipe at Kim suffering a stillbirth when she was younger.

“I did not know that this woman had had a stillborn baby so do I regret saying it? No. I didn’t say it in malice," Nicola said this week. “Do you think I knew that she had a stillborn baby? Do you think that I’ve read Kim Woodburn’s autobiography? The only book I’ve ever read is one by Katie Price."

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, Nicola continued: “She said for the second time ‘your children won’t be proud of you’ and I said to her ‘the reason why you say those things is because you’re not a mother.’

“Hold on a minute, judge my parenting if my children were watching Big Brother. You think my six and ten year old watch one episode? Of course they f***ing didn’t.”

Nicola's comments follow Kim's appearance on ITV's Loose Women yesterday.

She said on the show: “Well Nicola had a gob that was so disgusting it needed stitching up.


“Nicola came out with the cruellest things, she doesn’t know me from Adam, she said brutal things to me, horrible and nasty – thank God you’ve never been a mother.”

Celebrity Big Brother will return in the summer for a new series.

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