Mutiny cast: Meet the guys taking on Channel 4's epic challenge

Contestants on Channel 4's Mutiny revealed

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Mutiny is now well underway on Channel 4 and here are the cast of the epic new TV series.

For the first time, 9 men are setting out to make the same gruelling journey of the Mutiny on the Bounty in a replica 23ft wooden boat, with the same rations, facing the same conditions - to measure themselves against history.


For company, they will have Bligh's own words – in the form of a detailed Journal he kept which remarkably survived the voyage. The Journal will help them uncover the secrets of survival and to get a closer understanding of Bligh’s epic feat.

The men bring skills that mirror those of Bligh’s crew. Amongst them are a carpenter, a doctor, and several specialist sailors. Anthony Middleton, of SAS: Who Dares Wins is stepping into Captain Bligh’s shoes as leader of the expedition.

Meet the Mutiny cast


Ant Middleton is well-known for his role as Chief Instructor for Channel 4’s hit show, SAS: Who Dares Wins. Ant is assuming the role of Captain Bligh and will lead the expedition.

Ben is 27 and currently lives with his parents. He thinks people will misjudge him for his weight. "They'll be an element of 'Jesus what's he getting on this boat for, he's going to sink it.' But hopefully once they see me turn all Ray Mears and stuff they'll realize shit gets real. I function just like an average man, I'm just a bit heavier."

Chris previously sold his business, his house and everything he owned to invest in a boat. "Me mum just burst out crying and said ‘you’ve totally given up on life’. And I said no it’s the exact opposite, you know I’ve just decided to live me life and me life’s really just beginning."


Conrad is a competitive sailor, who’s sailed around the world three times in some of the sailing world’s most famous races. He was a skipper on the BT Global Challenge overseeing a crew of novice sailors and he competed in the Vendee Globe, a solo race regarded as one of the toughest sporting events in the world.

Dan is fiercely determined and doesn’t give up, whatever conditions are thrown at him. He says that comes from being shorter than the other kids at school – it made him have to work harder to prove himself.

Fred’s dream was to join the Royal Navy. He’d hoped to follow in his father’s footsteps– his father’s was a naval doctor who served in the Falklands. ‘So I thought, what’s the closest thing to the Royal Navy? I did a bit of googling online and I found the merchant navy which is like the Royal Navy but no guns, which suited me fine’.

Luke is in the final year of his GP training. During his training, Luke worked in various specialities including general medicine, acute surgery and A&E and has a diploma in Tropical Medicine. For the last two years he has been working in a busy GP surgery in South London.


Rishi is an identical twin. He and his brother Raj live together in a one-bedroom flat in East London and they swap between the living room and the bedroom every 2 months. The twins are highly competitive with everything they do. Rishi has always had a taste for action and adventure. "When I am on my deathbed I want to look back and say I did something amazing and this is it!"


Sam Brown is a self-shooting Producer/director originally from Northern Ireland. Sam started his career working on Dispatches and Panorama, which led onto his working all over the world.

Mutiny airs on Channel 4 at 9PM on Tuesday nights with the four episode tonight (March 21).

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