Channel 4's Mutiny begins tonight: Here's all you need to know

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Mutiny begins tonight on Channel 4 and here's all you need to know about the brand new show.

Kicking off at 9PM tonight, Mutiny will follow an epic challenge as a group of today's men try to recreate the Mutiny Of The Bounty, 1789.


Cast adrift in the Pacific Ocean, nine men set out to complete one of the greatest survival feats of all time: the 4000 mile journey of Captain Bligh in a tiny wooden boat after the legendary mutiny on the Bounty.

Anthony Middleton, of SAS: Who Dares Wins is stepping into Captain Bligh's shoes as leader of the expedition, joined by eight other men including a carpenter, a doctor, and several specialist sailors.

Like Bligh's men they battle brutal storms and treacherous reefs, braving the furnace of northern Australia's shark infested waters, and the challenge of landing on remote tropical islands to hunt for vital supplies.

There's an old nautical saying: 'When ships were made of wood, men were made of steel' but can today's men match up to the extraordinary achievements of their predecessors?

Well the only modern day invention the group will have around them are the countless cameras filming their every move for the show.


Mutiny begins tonight at 9PM on Channel 4.

And show then continues TUESDAY night at 9PM too.

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