The Jump 2017: Spencer Matthews dislocates his shoulder in shock ski crash

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Spencer Matthews dislocates his shoulder on The Jump 2017 this weekend.

But despite the painful injury, Spencer is seen 'popping it back in' and currently remains in the competition.


The injury happened in rehearsals for the ski cross, a relatively new Alpine sport.

While it may have only been on the scene for a few years, ski cross has rapidly become one of the most popular of all winter events.

Fast-paced and adrenaline-packed, competitors race on a winding course comprising sprints, drops, rollers and banks - ski cross will be one of the unforgiving events the celebrities face this series.

And Spencer found that out the hard way when he took a crash during training.

In scenes to be shown on Sunday night's show, he crashes off the course and is caught in netting.

He tells cameras after being treated by medics: “I dislocated my shoulder… My shoulder popped clean out. It’s gone back in though.”

Reflecting on how the relatively minor injury could've been much worse, Spencer adds (via The Sun) “Those nets work. I always look at the red nets and I’m like they’re mental they’re never going to stop anyone…

“If that wasn’t there I’d be in the snow cross course.”

The Ski Cross is in fact one of two events that the remaining celebs will be taking part in this week.


The first is the speed ski and it'll be the speed ski times will determine the line-ups for the ski cross event, which will in turn decide who faces The Jump in the fight to avoid elimination.

The Jump 2017 airs Sunday evening at the earlier time of 6:30PM on Channel 4.

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