Robbie Fowler insists The Jump isn't dangerous (despite last night's big crash)

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Robbie Fowler has rubbished the idea that The Jump is a dangerous show to compete in.

Even if he did hit the deck while taking on the titular challenge of the show last night.


In the latest episode, Robbie faced taking on The Jump in a bid to avoid elimination.

And after rival Louis Smith flew almost 17 metres the pressure was on for Robbie.

Perhaps putting TOO much into it, Robbie came crashing down as he tried to land his jump.

However he didn't appear to be too badly hurt and was quickly back on his feet to talk to host Davina McCall.

"I've had a great day today but my jumping tonight's been awful, I was half expecting it, it is what it is," he said.

Asked if he was okay, Robbie insisted: "I'm absolutely fantastic... I'm used to it."


For failing to land the jump, Robbie was given a distance of zero and this ultimately saw him leave the contest.

But despite the crash, Robbie insisted there was never any danger.

"These people who come out and say it’s not safe are absolutely ridiculous," Robbie told the Daily Star newspaper. "If it’s dangerous then they don’t let you do it, the people who run the show have respect for the individual who is about to perform.

"If you do everything properly under the right tuition then everything is fine."


He added: "I could go onto a football pitch and get injured – anything you do in any walk of life potentially has something there that could become a little bit adverse."

The Jump 2017 returns to Channel 4 next Sunday night.

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