The Jump 2017: Emma Parker Bowles BARRED from skeleton race by safety officials

"Gutted" journalist crashed off her sled during training

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Emma Parker Bowles was left devastated on The Jump 2017 after bosses BARRED her from competing in the skeleton.

Emma had been put head-to-head with Caprice for the event, which involves competitors racing on a sled down an 888 metre ice track, with a vertical drop of 124 metres.


The journalist was eager to get going, saying: “I’m more excited about the skeleton than anything else, I’m raring to go.”

However, during a trial run, Emma kept crashing in to the sides of the track, with mentor Graham Bell remarking that she was “all over the place”.

Things went from bad to worse after she lost control and fell off her sled.

Emma said the experience was “brutal”, but resolved to give it another go - only to fall off a second time.

Perhaps wisely after the fiasco that was last year’s series, The Jump’s safety officials ruled that her disasters in training meand they would not sign her off for the final race.

This meant that Caprice won by default, and Emma had to compete in the ski jump in tonight’s episode in a bid to keep her place in the competition.

Emma told presenter Davina McCall: “I’m really gutted, I really thought I was gonna do well in that event.”

Although Emma didn’t race, Caprice did complete her final run, with Davina revealing her time to be 48.58 seconds.


“I was absolutely terrified, I had one good run and that was it,” Caprice said.

The Jump continues next Sunday at 6.30pm on Channel 4.

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