The Jump 2017: Robbie Fowler in nasty crash while taking on the jump

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Robbie Fowler took a very nasty looking tumble on The Jump 2017 tonight while fighting to stay on the show.

The remaining celebrities this evening were taking on the nerve-shredding skeleton event, launching themselves face-first onto a heavy metal sled that goes hurtling down a twisting ice track.


With their chin just millimetres from the ice, races were perilous and often won and lost by fractions of a second.

As always, the losers faced The Jump - assuming they could conquer their nerves - as they went head to head to avoid elimination.

In the main event, the celebs went head to head in pairs on the skeleton course with the matches based on their training times. The celeb with the fastest time in each pair was safe while the loser had to face the jump.

In his head to head, Robbie took on sporting rival Jason Robinson and lost out by just 1 second.


That meant him facing The Jump to stay in the competition and after Louis Smith flew almost 17 metres the pressure was on for Robbie.

Perhaps putting TOO much into it, Robbie came crashing down as he tried to land his jump.

However he didn't appear to be too badly hurt and was quickly back on his feet to talk to host Davina McCall.

"I've had a great day today but my jumping tonight's been awful, I was half expecting it, it is what it is," he said.

Asked if he was okay, Robbie insisted: "I'm absolutely fantastic... I'm used to it."


Because he failed to land the jump, Robbie's jump was given a distance of zero.

The Jump 2017 continues Sunday nights on Channel 4.

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