Mutiny first look: Watch preview from Channel 4's new TV show

Channel 4 has revealed a first trailer from it's new historical reality series Mutiny, coming soon.

The show - which will start in March - will see a group of 21st century men recreate the Mutiny on the Bounty of 1789.

Over 200 years ago, Captain William Bligh and his loyal crewmen were cast adrift in the Pacific Ocean from the HMS Bounty and left for dead.

However in a remarkable act of seamanship Bligh led his crew to safety across 4,000 miles of ocean from Tonga to Timor.


Now nine blokes are hitting the ocean to recreate the gruelling journey, settling sail in a replica 23ft open wooden boat.

They'll have similar equipment and the same rations of food and water that Bligh’s men had (ignoring all of the cameras, of course) plus use of the 225-year-old diary kept by Bligh during the voyage as a survival handbook.

Anthony Middleton, who you may know from SAS: Who Dares Wins, will assume the role of Captain Bligh and will lead a crew made up of both sailors and complete novices who have never been on the water before.

Commissioning Editor Rob Coldstream said: “Mutiny is a hugely bold and ambitious project. It’s not only an intense survival challenge in its own right, with jaw-drop locations and stunning visuals – it’s also an exciting new way of getting under the skin one of history's great adventure stories in a way that feels genuinely distinctive.”

Mutiny will begin on Channel 4 in March.

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