The Voice 2017 STATS! Which coach was the most popular with the acts?

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After the end of the blind auditions, we've crunched all the numbers from The voice UK 2017.

Global music legends, Jennifer Hudson, Sir Tom Jones and Gavin Rossdale are this year's coaches and on a quest to uncover the best vocal talent that Britain has to offer, with this year’s winner scooping a life changing record contract with Polydor Records.


As always, the first stage was the blind auditions where the contestants must hold their nerve as they sing to the backs of the coaches, hoping to get at least one to spin around.

Over the past seven weeks we saw a total of 64 acts of which 40 won a spot in the next round...

Jennifer was the most popular

Jennifer was the most popular of the coaches during the blind auditions this year with a 61% success rate in winning an act when more than the one coach turned around. was second winning 50% of the pitch battles while Sir Tom won 33%. Gavin was last, winning an act against the other coaches just 22% of the time he turned around.

Gavin was the most buzzer happy

Gavin hit his buzzer a total of 27 times across the seven audition shows, more than any of the other coaches. Sir Tom turned for a total of 22 acts while both Jennifer and Will took just 15 turns to complete their teams of ten.

Gavin and Will flew solo

Gavin and were the coaches who turned for acts on their own the most, each winning half of their team (5 out of 10 acts) automatically by being the only coach to spin around.

Sir Tom wasn't far behind with four solo spins but Jennifer Hudson was a lot less likely to turn for an act on her own, winning only two contestants by being the only coach to press their buzzer.

Will was the ladies' man

Sir Tom and Gavin both turned around pretty evenly for men and women but seemingly had a preference for female vocals, turning for twice as many ladies as men.


Jennifer was the opposite, spinning for almost twice as many male auditions as female contestants.

The Voice UK 2017 continues Saturday and Sunday night on ITV.

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