The Jump's Mark Dolan unhappy after rivals given byes through to the next round

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Mark Dolan has admitted he's not too impressed after leaving The Jump 2017 at the weekend.

The comic was the second celeb to be eliminated from the show on Sunday night following the Snow Cross event.


Mark posted the shortest jump of the celebs up for elimination but two of the all star contestants were given byes through to the next round.

They included Sir Bradley Wiggins, who subsequently quit the competition due to injury.

"I definitely was gutted. I wasn't there to make up the numbers. I didn't see the point in doing it unless I went for it. But the jump is something I never mastered, it was a disaster really," Mark said of leaving the competition this week.

He explained: "It was tricky for me, because I'm not very coordinated, I'm very tall, and a complete coward. So I never really overcame the fear side of it.

"I never bottled it, but as I was sliding down those rails, every time my legs turned to jelly. Because it's all about the power in your legs, if you're nervous, you just don't spring. And I just hit a glass ceiling with it."

Speaking to DigitalSpy, Mark said he wasn't sure about allowing injured celebs to get a bye through to the next round.

He suggested: "I do feel like there's a certain skill to remaining injury free, because in professional sport, if you're injured you don't compete and the other person benefits by default.


"Sir Bradley, apart from being a great guy, has become a friend, which is surreal. He's a huge name with a massive following, and I can understand Channel 4 would want to keep him in the show as long as possible. It was a hard pill to swallow to leave the show."

The Jump 2017 continues Sunday nights on Channel 4.

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