The Jump 2017: Josie Gibson says she wasn't confident enough to do the live ski jump

Big Brother winner first to be eliminated after FAILING to complete show's signature event

Josie Gibson has apologised to her fans after she was eliminated from The Jump 2017 for REFUSING to jump, saying she needs to "work on her confidence".

Josie lost her parallel slalom race against Jade Jones in the first episode of the Channel 4 show's latest series tonight.


This meant she was one of seven celebrities that had to face the titular ski jump in a bid to stay in the competition.

But nerves got the better of the Big Brother winner at the starting bar, and she declined to jump.

As all the other contestants completed their jumps successfully, Josie became the first to be eliminated.

Although Josie had trained for the event, it was the first time she'd faced the daunting purpose-built ski jump on the show's set in Austria - which is the height of three double-decker buses.

Speaking afterwards, she explained: "I've never experienced fear like it… I've never gone down that jump. I feel like I need to work on my confidence and self-esteem."

I knew I was out. I'm not upset that I'm out and I lost. I'm upset that I let my fears get the better of me. You can do everything that you want to do, but it's our fears in our minds that stop us.


"It's flattering that I was even in the show. Just look at the cast, then look at me!"

Josie also posted a message to her 379,000 followers on Twitter.

She wrote: "I'm sorry to anyone I let down I just needed more time to get confident on the Jump. Time was of the essence sorry."

Rugby star Jason Robinson had the best jump of the night, scoring 14.95 metres.


Meanwhile, Louis Smith won a mini cowbell trophy for completing the slalom in the fastest time, 16.42 seconds.

The Jump continues next Sunday at 7.30pm on C4.

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