Jedward claim their Twitter was 'hacked by Russia' after Celebrity Big Brother rant

Jedward Diary Room Big Brother

Jedward have claimed their Twitter was hacked after a string of messages about Celebrity Big Brother.

A number of posts were made by their account on Saturday after the morning of Friday's final.


The messages were wiped from the website within an hour, but this being the internet once it's out there, it's out there.

According to the Daily Mail newspaper, Jedward have denied having anything to do with the messages and blamed them on having "been hacked by someone in Russia or somewhere"

Although the boys apparently did say they agreed with what was said.

"We felt betrayed by housemates with their invalid reasons for their nominations and when they stereotyped us as something that we are not," the messages began.


They went on to take aim at "contrived housemates" who "set up storylines together".


The rant continued: "The housemates being called intellects and knowledgable were far from it couldn't even string 2 sentences together 90% of the time.

"A bee wouldn't sting you as much as these housemates literally stung us... lol give us a beehive any day. We knew in our heart we were around people that were hiding behind a glass of drink or a cigarette hardly any genuine emotions

"Like there was no depth to them at all! We were literally the ocean and they were a little poodle of water. There was no meaningful conversation like I never heard such rehearsed monologue stories and interactions in my life."

They added: "So many harsh words flew from the gang todays us... talk about making someone feel uncomfortable and welcome."


"Glad we're free and can now write down the truth," the messages concluded.


Jedward finished second in Friday night's final despite being the favourites to win, losing out to winner Coleen Nolan in the last vote.

Celebrity Big Brother returns to Channel 5 in the summer.

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