Let It Shine: Gary Barlow is head judge as twist for live shows is revealed

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Gary Barlow will become head judge of Let It Shine for the live shows as a new twist is revealed.

This weekend sees the first of three live finals as five bands are whittled down to one.


Each Saturday night will see two live shows, starting with the performances where each band will all sing before lines open.

The public will then be able to vote for their favourites either via the phone or for free online.

In the second live show of the night, the results will be revealed. The bands with the most votes will be saved and go straight through to next week but the bottom two will have to perform again.

Each band will perform one song each, with the tracks and lines each band member gets decided randomly by drawing lots.

In a twist, the boys will be judged individually rather than as groups.

The judges will pick five boys to save and leave five others to go home. The five saved could be all from one group or made up of a mixture of the two.

In the event of deadlock between the judges in their decision, Gary Barlow will act as “Head Judge”.

The panel will make their decisions both based on the sing-off performances as well as the performances in the main show.


In the case where the judges pick five boys to save from different groups, then the new group will keep the identity that the majority of the band that the members were saved came from.

Let It Shine airs live from 6:55PM Saturday night on BBC One with the results at 8:45PM.

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