Celebrity Big Brother 2017 tension on last day over Kim Woodburn

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It may be the final half day in the Celebrity Big Brother 2017 house but tensions are brewing.

And it's Kim Woodburn who is the target of bitching again.


In the garden today ahead of the final, Coleen was still annoyed that Kim had made it to the final.

"I think if Jamie or Calum or any of the others had been left with us then it'd have been fine," she complained. "But that she [Kim] is always the elephant in the room..."

Coleen and Kim's rocky relationship in the house deteriorated this past week after Kim spoke about how close Coleen had been getting to James C.

“You can like someone very much and be a pal, but they are inseparable," Kim claimed. “I’d be terribly annoyed, and if I was her husband I’d be annoyed.”

She added: “I’m sure there is nothing going on, I’m not suggesting there is, but it’s not right.”

The comments left Coleen fuming.

“Making out like we’re having this bloody love affair. It’s disrespectful and so not like that at all," she complained to Big Brother in the Diary Room. “I’ve made such a good friend in James C.”

Meanwhile, back to the house today, the other housemates were nervous about the final tonight.


Nicola confessed to the group: "I've been awake half the night, I've gone over every scenario in my head... I'm just happy to be in the final."

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs live tonight at 9PM On Channel 5.

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