Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Is Kim Woodburn flirting Jedward?!

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Kim Woodburn and Jedward's relationship seems to be taking a whole new turn on Celebrity Big Brother 2017.

On their last night in the house together yesterday evening, Kim sat down with one half of the twin duo to sing their praises.


"You're wonderful dancers, your fantastic dancers," she said. "You've got a marvelous talent for dancing."

She went on: "When I saw you the other night, your bother and you, I thought 'they're quite sexy aren't they?"

And Kim added: "I've seen you in this sexy young man mode and I've seen the dancing you do and truthfully it's very good, the other night I was thinking 'oooohh'"

Jedward and Kim have become every close in the house after a number of rows with the other housemates.

In last night's show there were again clashes, with Kim complaining about the others to Jedward: “I notice in this house that they can say terrible things to me!”

Edward replied:; “It’s just awkward…if we’re sitting with them, we don’t support what they’re saying.”

Kim added: “A horrible bunch of people in this house…chinless wonders!”

John believed Kim and Jedward are owed an apology from the other housemates for making them ‘feel unwanted’


Later in the diary room, Jedward said that the house should apologise to them: “There are issues to be resolved here! I’d love if the house was united.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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